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How to use Camping Air Mattress

Self Inflating Camping Air Mattress


Self Inflating Camping Air Mattress can make you sleep more comfortably, especially on the hard and uneven ground; it is an insulator between your body and the ground (not anti electricity, of course, but isolated the heat transfer between the body and the ground). It's an inflatable pad, as anyone with outdoor camping experience knows, the inflatable pad is the necessary equipment, the importance is no less than a sleeping bag. So how to use automatic inflatable mats when camping out?

1. First use:
1) Spread out air cushion
2) Open the air nozzle to make the air cushion bed expand automatically. Close the air nozzle, fold the air cushion bed repeatedly, press it hard for a few times, and then open the valve, so that the air cushion bed will expand automatically so that it can completely recover its elasticity and shape.

2. Inflation method:
1) Spread out the air cushion, open the air nozzle, the air cushion bed will automatically start to expand.
2) Please wait until the expansion of the air cushion bed is completed, and then tighten the air nozzle cover.
3) Adjust air pressure, adjust its comfortable hardness.
Note: if it is kept in the rolling state for a long time (not recommended), please use the mouth several times to blow and expand to restore its elasticity.

3. Method of exhaust:
1) Open the air nozzle, roll it up from the other end of the air nozzle, and press out the air.
2) Close the air nozzle, roll up the air cushion bed from the other end, and open the air nozzle again to exhaust the residual air.
3) Finally, close the valve and keep it in a rolling state at any time.
Note: please put it in the bag to avoid scratches.

4. Storage method:
Spread out the air cushion, open the air nozzle, and keep it in a cool and dry place (for example, put it at the bottom of the bed or behind the sofa, etc.), because the sponge of the air cushion bed has a memory shape, which can quickly expand to the most commonly used shape.

5. Repair method:
1) Confirm the place of air leakage: close the valve after blowing and expanding, wet the surface with water or thin soapy water, fold it into half, press it with a knee to pressurize with weight, the place of foaming is the place of air leakage, please make a mark.
2) Small hole repair: completely dry the air cushion bed, release the air, and drip the adhesive on the hole. Because the air is exhausted, then the agent will be inhaled to seal the hole. Then wait for the binder to harden.
3) Major damage repair: completely dry and deflate the air cushion bed, apply glue to the repair cloth, and apply glue to the holes on the surface of the air cushion bed, dry for 30 seconds to 3 minutes (depending on the temperature), adhere to the damaged part, flatten and keep for 4 hours before use.

6. Cleaning:
Expand the air cushion bed to the maximum limit, close the valve tightly, wash it thoroughly with water after washing in the bathtub with a soft brush and home degreasing detergent or detergent with low stimulation, and store it after drying completely.

7. Precautions:
1) Do not approach sharp objects (thorny plants or sharp stones or blades).
2) When the tent is not used, please lay the bottom cloth under the air cushion bed.
3) Do not use Camping Air Mattress as afloat.
4) Keep away from flames or sparks.
5) When the temperature is high, do not put the air cushion bed with expansion and closed valve in the car or tent.
6) Do not touch sunscreen or alkaline medicine.
7) Do not expose to the sun for a long time. The ultraviolet light will slowly damage the material on its surface.
8) Keep out of reach of pets.
9) The air nozzle is hard, so it should be avoided during rest.

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