Is a 50L backpack big enough for Travelling?

Is a 50L Backpack Big Enough for Traveling?

Is a 50L Backpack Big Enough for Traveling? It Depends!

The age-old backpack quandary: is 50L enough for my travel adventures? The answer, as always, is - it depends!

50L can be a sweet spot for a week-long trip, especially if you're a minimalist packer, plan on doing simple laundry, or are heading somewhere warm where clothes are light. But there are a few things to consider before committing:

Factors To Consider:

    • Destination: Hot climates mean fewer clothes, freeing up space. Colder regions require bulkier layers. I will recommend you a simple waterproof backpack: Waterproof 40L Outdoor Sports Travel Backpack for just 2-3 days traveling with not extremely weather you will face. 
      Waterproof 40L Outdoor Sports Travel Backpack
    • Travel Style: Backpackers need more gear than glampers. Urban explorers can pack light.
    • Activity Level: Long hikes demand comfort, so consider lighter, adaptable gear and prioritize packing cubes. I will recommend you new breathable system Internal Frame Ergonomic 65L Breathable Hiking Backpack if you go on long journey hiking and may take 5-6 days with unpredictable weather
    • Internal Frame Ergonomic 65L Breathable Hiking BackpackInternal Frame Ergonomic 65L Breathable Hiking Backpack
    • Laundry Access: Frequent laundromats? Pack less! Limited access? Pack more essentials.

Here's a handy chart to help you choose the right size backpack:

Duration Recommended Size Packing Style Notes
Weekend Trips (2-3 Days) 25-35L Light & compact Carry-on friendly
Short Trips (4-5 Days) 35-45L Moderate packing Balance functionality with comfort
Week-Long Trips (6-7 Days) 50L Minimalist or moderate packing Good for warm climates or laundry access
Extended Trips (8+ Days) 55-70L Moderate to heavy packing Consider compressible gear and comfort
Backpacking & Long Hikes 45-60L Lightweight & adaptable Prioritize comfort and adjustability



    • These are just guidelines, adapt to your specific needs.
    • Packing cubes are your best friend – maximize space and organization.
    • Roll, don't fold clothes to save space and prevent wrinkles.
    • Layers are key for adapting to changing weather.
    • Embrace multi-functional clothing - one item, multiple uses!

Beyond the 60L:

If you're planning longer trips, colder climates, or active adventures, don't shy away from larger packs. Just remember to prioritize comfort, adjustability, and lightweight gear. Your back will thank you!

Check out here to discover more for your need!

Ultimately, the perfect backpack size is a personal choice. This guide gives you a starting point, but the best way to find your ideal travel companion is to experiment, pack smart, and embrace the adventure!

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