General Knowledge Of Outdoor Skiing Preparation

General Knowledge Of Outdoor Skiing Preparation

Necessary for Outdoor Skiing

1. Ski suit
First of all, the performance of waterproof and windproof shall be considered, followed by the design of heat preservation and ventilation function, windproof skirt design, filling cotton design, etc. the principle of a comfortable fit, no obstruction to action and minimizing wind resistance shall be followed,
2. Ski boots
First of all, make sure you play snowboard or double ski. These two kinds of ski boots are different. Ski boots are generally double-layer design, that is, the outer fixed shell and the inner thermal insulation.
The choice of ski shoes should make people feel comfortable and fit well. Toes can move freely in the shoes, but the soles, insteps, arches, and heels should be tightly wrapped. The clips on the shell should be properly clamped so that the ankle joint can bend forward. Only in this way can the speed of snowboarding and skiing be controlled.
3. Retainer. All skis are equipped with devices to fix the ski boots on them. When the skier falls, the fixer will loosen quickly, so it is one of the important protective devices to avoid skiing injury.
4. Ski Pole (not used for the single board)
The staff is designed to help you glide and maintain your balance. The principle of selection is lightweight, not easy to break, a good sense of balance and suitable for your height. Generally calculated from the snow wheel, the longest is no less than the shoulder, and the shortest is no less than the flank. It can be put through the leather bracelet. It is better to hold the stick and swing it properly.
5. Ski Goggles
Glasses are indispensable. Because of the strong sunlight reflection on the snow, it is easy to cause snow blindness. You must wear snow glasses to protect your eyes.
6. Ski Gloves
The whole skiing process depends on the stick, so the requirements for gloves are very high. It should not only keep warm and cold but also be soft, wear-resistant and cut proof.

General Knowledge Of Outdoor Skiing Preparation

1. Pay attention to the local climate and weather changes in time to prevent sudden changes in the weather.

2. When you first arrive at the ski resort, you should first understand the general situation of the ski resort, carefully understand the height, slope, length, width and surrounding conditions of a ski resort, and select the corresponding ski resort according to your own skiing level. Be familiar with the distribution location of the facilities in Map 1 ski resort, the rescue situation of the accident, and strictly abide by the regulations on safety management of ski resort. Pay attention to the open time of cableway, and do not ride when there is no guard.

3. First practice skiing should pay attention to step by step, according to their ability. During the training, it is required to do according to the arrangement and command of the coach and the staff of the snowfield. When it does not reach a certain level, it is not allowed to ski in the snow area required by the technical requirements without authorization, so as to avoid accidents.

4. When skiing, keep a certain distance from others to avoid the collision. When there are many people, the speed should not be too fast or too fierce.

5. Skiing is a more complex sport. Before skiing, we need some simple preparatory activities.

6. When skiing in the snowfield with a large area, you should go early and return early, especially when you are tired, it is easy to get lost.

7. The ground condition is unfamiliar and unguided. The abrupt change of climate needs to go deep into the place where there is no smoke or the primitive forest. Because when the wind and snow are full, it is possible to have the direction, the traces of snowboard are flattened by the wind, and it is not easy to find the circuit.

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