6 Must-Have Camping Accessories

6 Must-Have Camping Accessories

6 Must-Have Camping Accessories - Outgeeker

When you are only knee-deep in camping accessories, you might find yourself splashing money carelessly in a camping store, buying supplies that you might not need. It's therefore essential that you know the most crucial equipment you will need and avoid buying gadgets that add no value to a camping trip.

What gear should you bring on a carry on a camping trip?

Shared here are the best camping accessories you will need every step of the way. It will help if you budget for them because they make all the difference when camping in the wilderness. 

Sleeping bag

A sleeping bag shields you from the cold while you sleep. You may also carry along a sleeping pad, but it's not necessary if you are used to sleeping anywhere in previous camping expeditions. 

A tent may also come in handy, but extreme and seasoned campers prefer a bivvy-style bag to shelter from adverse weather conditions such as rain and snow. Recreational campers may not want to invest in these, but they actually keep you warm better than the traditional tents during adverse weather conditions. 


The wilderness can get really dark, so you need a reliable lighting device. A flashlight is one essential tool that every camper must-have. Campfires are good and give a lot of light, but they will not be helpful when you want to visit the toilet or sneak into the tent for a snack. 

There are many options to choose from, including battery-powered, gas, electric or dual fuel powered. Choose one that suits your budget and needs. A headlight is good, but a more versatile flashlight will serve you better than a headlight.

Survival kit

Before leaving for a camping trip, you should double-check to ensure you have packed a survival kit.  Pack a survival kit with all the necessary items you will need to stay alive if things go south during the camping trip. 

You may craft your own survival kit, or you can buy a commercially assembled one. Both approaches are good as long as they contain everything you need to survive in the worst-case scenario. 


A multi-tool is another essential accessory that a serious camper must have. It's pretty convenient, allowing you to carry different crucial tools in a light package. 

A simple multi-tool usually features scissors, a knife blade, pliers and screwdrivers. Some come packed with so much more and are heavier. So choose only the things that you will need that will not compromise your luxury during camping. 

A cooking device

There are numerous cooking tools to choose from. Whichever you decide to go with, ensure they are reliable. They come in all sizes and designs to suit different camping situations. A cooking device that never disappoints is the dual burner camp stove. 

While an open campfire can cook, it's not worth the trouble. It might get you into trouble because campfires are illegal during summer due to the risks of wildfires. This leaves a camp stove as your safest bet. Carry enough fuel too. 

Trekking poles

The best carbon fibre trekking pole will come in handy when carrying a heavy backpack as they enhance stability on different terrains. If hiking is part of the camping trip, don't leave this one behind. 

You will appear taller to animals you will encounter when you have a trekking pole, and it will also help you fight off snakes. Simply put, this an invaluable tool that may not seem important at first until you need it. 

Final remarks

There you have it, campers. Also, bring along a first aid kit and a map. There is now no reason why your next camping trip should not be better than your previous one. Enjoy! 

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