What are the precautions for mountaineering

What are the precautions for mountaineering

Outdoor mountaineering is the most popular way for people to keep fit and exercise. There are many advantages of mountaineering. For people who often climb mountains, their bodies are not only better than others but also not easy to get sick. Today, I'd like to introduce some tips for climbing and what the elderly should pay attention to when climbing.

Mountaineering is a very good outdoor activity, but we need to know some mountaineering precautions in order to protect our body from injury.

1、 Mountaineering route
First of all, you must understand the target you want to conquer in detail and do a good job in the early stage. Know the climbing route well in advance, plan the rest and dining place, and have the best acquaintances to lead the way, so as to avoid blindly rushing in the mountains.

2、 Preparations
Get your sneakers, dry food and water ready. Be sure to bring enough water, because mountaineering will sweat, if not enough water, prone to collapse, heatstroke.
Know the climate on the mountain, try to know the accurate weather forecast before climbing, and then take appropriate clothes to keep warm in the morning and evening to prevent cold.
It's better not to climb on rainy days and one or two days after the rain. It is better to carry first-aid medicine with you, such as Yunnan Baiyao, hemostatic bandage, etc., so that you can use it in case of falling, bruise, sprain. But we should also pay attention to the necessity of the best light.

3、 Physical condition
For people with hypoglycemia and anemia (other diseases that are more unfavorable for mountain climbing are more selected under the guidance of doctors), we must pay attention to that we must carry some sweets or refreshing food with us. Before mountain climbing, we must eat something that is not good for satiety, but we can't eat anything.

4、 Mountaineering knowledge
In the process of mountaineering, the speed is not too fast at the beginning, so it is suggested to be gentle, so as not to climb to half, exhausted. And when climbing, if there are too many steps, it is recommended to climb to the middle and take a rest. If you can't hold on to it, don't force it. After a rest, it will be better. Otherwise, you will be easily dazzled and stumbled.
At the same time, it is recommended that you do not choose the path to walk casually. It is very normal for snakes and insects to appear on the mountain. It's better for adults to choose the avenue.

5、 Knowledge of downhill
It's very difficult to climb the mountain, but it's not the same to go down the mountain. Because I was tired before, it's not so easy to get down. Especially the step-by-step way of going down the mountain. It's not going down the mountain, it's going to shake down the mountain. I can't stop at all.
And it's easy to appear soft like this. Be careful. Don't speed up because you are in a hurry to go down the mountain. The center of gravity of the feet must be placed on the back heel of both feet, otherwise, it is easy to lose weight and cause wrestling.

6、 How to maintain physical strength
1.) Avoid staying up late before going up the mountain (don't be too excited to sleep).
2.) Avoid stopping.
3.) Measure your physical strength. Don't try to recite too much (but don't pretend to do it on purpose!).
4.) Go to bed early in the evening, and have high-quality sleep!

7、 Keep warm
Whether you are resting during the journey or after arriving at the camp, the first thing to do is to keep warm. Dry clothes will be an indispensable helper for you! When you rest, you must choose a place to avoid the wind. The same is true for the camp, not an air outlet!
According to the different seasons, take warm clothes and replacement socks as the case may be so that you won't be frozen at night in the camp! (the temperature on the mountain is much lower than that in the city).
Mountaineering is a test of people's physical strength and perseverance. It's important to insist on mountaineering. Only when you stick to it until the end, can you gain the joy of victory? When you climb, you must watch the weather, and don't go in foggy weather. Mountaineering is dangerous in that weather, and you can't see the scenery of the mountain.

Five conditions of climbing for the elderly
1. )Old people should do what they can
The function of every organ in the old people's body is declining, and mountaineering is a sport that consumes a lot of oxygen.
The old man who is going to climb the mountain must first carry out some exercises with low intensity so as to have a process of adaptation. In mountaineering, you should not be too competitive. Once you feel uncomfortable, you should stop exercising.
2.) Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should be accompanied
Such patients must be under the guidance of a doctor to determine the amount of exercise. Even if you can climb a mountain, you should be accompanied by your family and friends, and pay attention to taking medicine with you.
3.) Diabetics should be alert to hypoglycemia
Doctors point out that mountaineering can help diabetics control their weight and reduce blood sugar, but special care should be taken to prevent hypoglycemia.
Such patients should eat less food before climbing or start climbing one hour after eating. In addition, diabetic patients are easy to infect once the wound is broken, so they must wear shoes and socks when climbing, and the socks should not be too thin.
Choose a good way to avoid friction and bump. Remember to carefully check whether you have any small wounds when you go home. If you have any, disinfect it in time, and see a doctor in time for those wounds that don't heal all the time.
4. )Patients with osteoarthritis should not climb mountains
Take climbing as an example, people's knees often keep semi flexion state movement, and climbing is very laborious, so the knee joint wear is very big. There are often old people with knee pain after climbing, in fact, it is often due to wear and tear.
But many old people think it is caused by inactivity, so they work harder and wear more and more. These kinds of people can choose to walk slowly for fitness.
5. )Pay attention to climbing in the morning
It should be pointed out that many people like to go climbing in the morning. In fact, the morning is not the most suitable time for climbing. This is because, in the morning, the air is full of water and polluted

After a night's rest, the functions of all aspects of the body have not been fully recovered. At this time, the effect of mountaineering and exercise will be greatly reduced. If you have to choose the morning, you'd better go climbing after the sun comes out, but the best time for climbing is 3 or 4 o'clock in the afternoon.

Six advantages of mountaineering

1. Improve cardiopulmonary function
The area of the original forest and grassland in the mountain is far from that of the green plants in the city. Therefore, the advantages of walking in the mountains and climbing by the elderly are to improve lung ventilation, increase lung capacity, improve lung function, and at the same time enhance the heart's contractility.

2. Delay aging
The normal metabolism of the human body will produce a kind of harmful substance called free radical, which can destroy the cell membrane of the human body, dissolve the normal cells of the human body, and cause the aging and even variation of human tissue. However, oxygen anion can effectively combine with free radicals and make them discharged from the body.

According to relevant data, the unit content of oxygen anion in urban streets is only 100-300, while that in mountainous forests can reach tens of thousands. Therefore, walking and camping in the mountains can effectively discharge harmful free radicals, which is good for delaying aging.

3. Enhance vision
One of the easiest ways to treat myopia is to look far away and relax the eye muscles.
However, due to industrial pollution and heat island effect and other factors, there are more suspended particles in the air and poor visibility in the city. In the mountains, especially on the top of the mountain, you can set your eyes to infinity and relieve the fatigue of eye muscles.

4. Enhance coordination of limbs
The road between the mountains is rough and bumpy. The advantages of the old people walking here are beneficial to improving the balance function of the human body and enhancing the coordination ability of limbs. Especially, walking on the non-step road without artificial modification can make the muscle fiber of the human body thicker, muscle developed and limb flexibility enhance.

5. Relax people's psychological pressure
The advantages of the elderly mountaineering can adjust the role of human body tension, improve physical and mental state, restore physical strength and energy, and make people energetically put into study and work.

Mountaineering exercise can cultivate sentiment, maintain a healthy state of mind, give full play to the individual's enthusiasm, creativity, and initiative, so as to improve self-confidence and values and make personality develop healthily and harmoniously in a harmonious atmosphere. In addition, it can cultivate the spirit of unity, cooperation, and collectivism.

6. Consume excess fat in the body
Sugar metabolism in people's daily body belongs to aerobic metabolism. Mountaineering activities, especially mountaineering, are mostly turned into anaerobic metabolism due to the thin air. In addition, mountaineering and camping activities have a large amount of exercise, so it is difficult to meet the body's heat demand for a mountain picnic.

Therefore, it can consume a lot of fat tissue gathered in the human body, especially in the waist and abdomen.

A crowd unfit for climbing

1. Chronic diseases
Hypertension, kidney disease, blood disease, chronic tracheitis, and gout.

2. Joint diseases
When climbing, the extra load of the knee joint will aggravate and cause cartilage wear, bone damage, joint swelling, pain, and other uncomfortable symptoms.

3. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
Mountaineering is a sport that consumes a lot of oxygen and consumes a lot of physical energy. The elderly mountaineering will increase the heart load and easily induce diseases.

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